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What's the overall vibe of your browsing activity? A commentary on doomscrolling and the perceived accuracy of affective computing.
Vibes browser extension


Vibes serves as a commentary on both doomscrolling culture as well as the advancements and perceived accuracy of emerging developments in affective computing. What’s the overall vibe of your browsing activity? Is your online activity bumming you out or brightening your mood?

Vibes is a browser extension that will run in the background in your browser and analyze the content of the pages you access. It serves as a passive intervention for you to take control of your online access by computing a sentiment score over time. By raising awareness to the overall mood of your activity, it shifts the onus on you as an individual to determine whether or not to alter browsing habits based on the data it collects. Its output is limited to the accuracy of the latest iterations of sentiment analysis libraries, and as a result may feel both accurate and at other times may feel off. The intent is to not only serve as a passive intervention but also to raise awareness and serve as a catalyst for you to question the limits of artificial intelligence.

Install Vibes for Google Chrome

Vibes live demo